Handmade nets

- hammocks,
- hammock chairs,
- climbing ropes and nets for children's playgrounds,
- ladders,
- laundry lines,
- other twine any thickness or lengths and colors..

Products for agriculture

- leads from natural and artificial materials, long 2 or 3 meters,
- delivery ropes,
- ropes for loading machine (by meters),
- harness ropes,
- hood for horses or cattle,
- ropes of different thicknesses.


Products for Sport

- standard soccer goal nets,
- small field soccer nets,
- other goal dimensions,
- standard handball goals with or without curtains,
- protection nets for behind goals,
- beachvolley and volleyball nets,
- basket ball nets (different rope widths),
- jump ropes,
- climbing ropes.
Products can be one or multi colors.



Stanislav Banič o.d.d.
Pot na Kamenšak 12, 2230 Lenart v Slovenskih goricah
Gsm: +386 (41) 582 727
Tel&fax: + 386 (2) 720 71 95

  • "We are a family company established 1986. We are making nets for sports and recreation, ropes and products for agriculture and other rope products. All is handmade! Quality guaranteed with more than 25 years of experience!"

  • "If you have any different, special requests for products from the line, please contact us and express your wishes and we will answer you with possible solutions!"